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About You

The ACT Math and Science can too often be a roadblock to achieving your goals, such as college admission or scholarship money.  Every student could use an experienced, dedicated, motivating teacher who empowers them, showing them the strategies to scoring well, filling in any content area they may be lacking, and coaching them to doing their very best !!

About Me

My name is Dr. Brian W. Moudry and I have over 28 years of experience teaching physics and math at Davis & Elkins College.  Teaching is my passion and I truly believe there is not a math or science problem you have that I cannot help you overcome.  Finding those ways and helping you achieve your goals is why I am proud to be a teacher.

My Offers To You
  • OPTION 1

  • 2 Science Test classes AND 3 Math Test Classes

  • The Official ACT Prep Guide 2023-2024 ($40 value)

  • 1 Science Test analyzed and 2 Math Tests analyzed.  A personalized assessment of your math and science strengths and weaknesses after each practice test 

  • An individualized plan for taking the ACT Math and Science sections to maximize your score

  • Unlimited access to over 8 hours of content review and 4 solved ACT math tests (240 problems) and 3 solved ACT science tests (18 passages) online

  • OPTION 2

  • 2 Science Test Classes

  • OR

  • 3 Math Test Classes 

  • Billed and attended separately, students can focus just on their area of need.  The Official ACT Prep Guide 2023-2024, access to the online material, and practice test analysis is included

  • OPTION 3

  • Premium one-to-one tutoring arranged with Dr. Moudry to focus on science and/or math.  Billed hourly, this option will allow Dr. Moudry to focus individually on each student's needs.  Practice test analysis and access to online materials is included

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