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The Results Are In !!

I'm Ready ACT Prep LLC opened for business in January 2016, offering classes leading up to the April 2016 test date.  So far, there have been 302 students who have received instruction.  The average improvement has been 3.6 points on the ACT Math and 3.5 points on the ACT Science ! *

*Based on the students reporting

Student Testimonials

Dr. Moudry has tutored me through many math classes in high school, ACT preparation, and college calculus.  He excels in enabling you to understand aspects of math that you feel uncomfortable with and attains a skill of standardized testing tactics that are second to none. Thanks to those tactics, my math score on the ACT improved drastically from a 17 to a 26, allowing me to receive the Promise Scholarship!  

Katie P.  -  Elkins High School


I have been tutored in math by Brian all throughout my high school years, as well as the ACT.  I honestly believe that if I did not have Brian as my tutor I would not be as skillful at math as I am today.  He truly knows what he is talking about as he presents the context of math in a relatable and easy to understand way.

Amelia P. - Elkins High School


My tutoring sessions with Dr. Moudry improved my Math ACT by 4 points.  I achieved my desired score of 25 in Math. He explained things clearly and in a way that made sense to me.  He was realistic and supportive of my goals for my score and helped me push myself to achieve them.

Georgianna H. - Highland Adventist School


Dr. Moudry is an energetic and passionate math teacher.  He not only taught the concepts where I could understand them clearly, he also helped me to understand how they fit into the complete picture !  With his help, I was able to improve my grade and maintain an A average.

Brett S. - Tygarts Valley High School


I have now gone to Brian for two math classes and ACT prep over the past year. I can honestly say that I have never met another person who can explain and help you understand how to solve math problems of any difficulty so clearly. His friendly personality and great teaching methods make learning so much easier. A number of times I can recall not understanding something in class or in my ACT book and going to Brian and in a matter of minutes completely understanding whatever the problem may be just because of how clear he can make you see what is being asked. I would highly recommend going to Brian since he has helped me so much with my math studies. I don't know where I would be without his help.

Alec K. - Elkins High School


Dr. Moudry is a great teacher. I felt incredibly confident going into my most recent ACT test. He will make sure you can solve all the problems and all the variations they come in.

Will G. - Elkins High School


I highly recommend Brian Moudry as a tutor. He not only helps me with my grades but he also makes it fun. He fully understands all the topics I have given to him and he gives me an excellent explanation on the subjects. He explains the math in a way that I can comprehend unlike textbooks.

John F. - Elkins High School


Over the past two years I have worked with Dr. Moudry to improve my ACT and SAT scores, as well as to enhance my understanding of concepts covered in my high school course work. During this time, I have watched my standardized test scores steadily rise. He has a deep understanding of how these tests are setup and the tips and tricks that are necessary to do well.  Through Dr. Moudry, I have been able to expand my understanding of mathematics, and improve test scores while doing it.

Walt K. - Elkins High School

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