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Dr. Brian W. Moudry
B.S. - Loyola College - Physics/Math -
          Summa Cum Laude
M.S., Ph.D. - University of Nebraska
2001 Lois Latham Award for Teaching                         Excellence
2010 Finalist for WV Professor of the Year
28 Years of Experience Teaching Math and            Science

20 Years of Individual Tutoring Experience

Let me show you what you're capable of !!

​Nothing can feel worse than taking an important standardized test and feeling or saying "I wasn't ready" when it was done.  Worse yet, is not knowing how to fix this.  The transition from high school to college is critically important.  Whether it is obtaining admission to the college of your choice, being competitive for scholarship money, or qualifying for the WV Promise Scholarship (a value of up to $19,000), too often the ACT Math and Science sections stand as an obstacle.  The questions seem like "school" math and science, but getting the answers with confidence in a pressurized situation can be daunting and easily lead to that "I wasn't ready" feeling.  Let me help !


I'll demystify the test, improving your content knowledge along the way and arming you with the strategies to handle the whole range of problems you'll face.

*  I'll give you a personalized assessment of your math strengths and weaknesses        

    with a plan to help you get better.

*  Working together, we'll create an individualized plan of action, based upon your           strengths and goals, to help you achieve a particular score or simply maximize your     math and science skills.

*  We'll practice and practice and practice, analyzing the results along the way.  With         each step of improvement, you'll gain the confidence and belief necessary to be           successful.

*  I'll provide you with all of the materials, strategies, and insights needed to face the       ACT Math and Science sections with the determination and resolution needed to           succeed.

*  With a personalized approach, I'll be there with you each step of the way, tailoring       my instruction and guidance to help you achieve your goals.


When we're done, you'll be ready to take on the ACT, feeling and saying, "I'm Ready !!"


An Analytical Approach


My goal is NOT to impress you with what I can do, but to show you what you can do. After we learn about the test, we'll practice and analyze.  I'll provide you with a detailed analysis of what you did well and not so well on the practice tests.  I'll give you guided instructions to improve and help you every step of the way.  By the end, you'll have a personalized game plan as you head into the test.  You will receive personal reports, like the sample ones below, through each step of the course.    

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